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STR Package

STR Package

Our offering includes, battery beds for all sizes of batteries along with charger stands and a fleet of rental magnetic battery changers.

The modular system can be tailored to a companies exact needs.
CAPS can setup the complete battery area including fixing  chargers and loading batteries meaning the customer only has to electrically connect the chargers to the mains.

This allows  a fixed weekly cost for a complete solution meaning the customer can borrow batteries, chargers and a  method of changing them.

STR Battery beds

2 types of specially designed STR beds

  • 400S series services PPT and LLOP trucks
  • 500L series services RT and CB batteries

The adjustable legs and internal beds make the bed suitable for the full range of roll off heights

STR Charger Stands

  • Specially designed charger frames can be flat packed and assembled on site
  • Suitable for back mounted or foot mounted chargers

STR Complete Solution

The modular system allows charger frames and battery beds to be fixed together giving a complete solution to the customer.

STR Battery Changers
CAPS have a number of STR battery changers available for hire.

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