Short Term Rental

Short term rental can be the first dealing a customer may have with your material handling equipment.  It is crucial to start on the right foot and that includes a professional looking battery room.

Too many STR packages include tired looking battery roller beds that are a mismatch of different sizes and shapes. Why not look professional from the start and use the CAPS STR package.

CAPS STR package includes 3 specially designed roller beds specifically designed to handle any type of battery and roll off height. They are painted in a distinctive blue colour and combined with our STR charger stands offer a professional finish. The battery beds can be free standing or be floor fixed aiding battery change.

There is more….  How are you going to change the batteries?
CAPS also offer a range of transfer systems from a manual PPT trolley to a powered magnetic battery changer already fitted to a host PPT.  Continuing our professional theme all CAPS STR battery changers are painted in the neutral CAPS blue colour.

So much more than just a roller bed.

  • Our offering includes, battery beds for all sizes of batteries along with charger stands and a fleet of rental magnetic battery changers.
  • CAPS can setup the complete battery area including fixing chargers and loading batteries meaning the customer only has to electrically connect the chargers to the mains.
  • This allows you to charge a fixed weekly cost for a complete solution meaning the customer can borrow trucks, batteries, chargers and a method of changing them.
  • You demonstrate to your customer how professional you are by making one call to CAPS.
Short Term Rental Short Term Rental Short Term Rental Short Term Rental