Battery Management Systems

You now only need one supplier!  - CAPS Systems.

Now offering Battery Management Systems

CAPS now offer battery management systems meaning a complete turnkey battery handling & management system can be supplied via CAPS to your customer all from one supplier.
Our system can be used with any charger, meaning you can bring your trucks, batteries and chargers in from your factory and then deal with one supplier to set up your complete battery room.

What is a Battery Management System?

A battery management system monitors all batteries in a pool and eliminates operator judgment in battery selection by determining which battery has had the longest cooling time since charging.

Once charged, each battery is placed in a queue.   The BMS then informs the operator which battery to take via the scrolling displays.

An audible alarm called the Shouter alerts the operator when the wrong battery is taken.

The result: even battery usage, prolonged battery life and increased productivity.

How does it benefit you?

  • A BMS will increase the lifetime of your batteries meaning you can guarantee power for life to your customer and save them money.
  • CAPS supplied BMS will work on most types or mixture of chargers meaning that you can use factory supplied chargers eliminating the number of UK suppliers to manage.
  • Using CAPS for a complete system will mean they will guarantee the interface between all of the components and project manage the installation so you don’t have to.

Offering a complete turnkey solution enhances your offering to your customer.

DOWNLOAD: Charger Stand Solutions (PDF)
Battery Management Systems
Battery Management Systems
Battery Management Systems