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Short Term Rental - Don’t Forget The Battery Room

You hire a truck, it comes with a spare battery, but there is nowhere to put it!

“As well as our long term packages, CAPS Systems now offer Short Term packages,” says Managing Director Chris Smith. “We offer a complete turnkey short term solution, which will transform the corner of your warehouse into a temporary battery change area.”

A simple roller bed is quite often provided with a short term rental package, but where is that going to go? How are you going to physically change the battery? Is there enough power in the area for the charger?

“CAPS turnkey approach now offer not just the roller bad, but charger stand solutions along with powered or manual extraction systems all on a short term contract. Our package doesn't stop there, we can deliver, setup and train the operators on best practices of using the equipment. If power is a worry, our qualified electricians can ensure there is enough power in the area and ensure the chargers are fully energised and ready to go.”

“Just because something is temporary, it doesn't have to look that way. Our professional approach will make your short term battery room look and feel like a permanent fixture for as long as your requirements need it and without you having to coordinate multiple suppliers.”

CAPS Systems provide turnkey battery handling solutions to many blue-chip companies, battery and original equipment manufacturers.

Starting with a basic range of innovatively designed roller beds and charger mounting solutions, progressing up to a range of powered battery changing systems.

CAPS recognise the importance of an efficient, well planned battery area which is well ventilated and safe. With this in mind, CAPS offer a bespoke 3D planning and simulation program for all installations.

Some existing battery rooms are neglected and can be inefficient. Therefore, we have been successful with our Battery Room Health Check, assessing the efficiency of the operation, the best utilisation of space, whether the area meets regulations and its safety, making the battery change and charge area a more cost effective and safer environment.

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