Horizontal - Winch - Roving

The winch system has been designed to eliminate the manual pushing and pulling of batteries that can involve loads in excess of the current Health & safety guidelines. The winch system is a modular unit and can incorporate:

  • Various roller beds and support packers, single or double lanes.
  • Single or double end interlocking gates.
  • Integrated lift units with pump.
  • Fixed or Sliding Cross heads.

These modular units can be mounted on roving (WRO1) or bogie railed systems (WRA1). The winch unit allows both extraction and replacement of batteries into vehicles and roller beds without further equipment and is adjustable to suit different vehicles in the same fleet.

Roving Winch system - (WR01)

The modular transfer winch system can be mounted to either a manual pallet truck with additional outriggers or to a powered pallet truck. Each of these have their own vertical lift but if this is insufficient for the range of trucks being serviced, then the lift modules can be easily incorporated.

Horizontal - Winch - Roving
Horizontal - Winch - Roving Horizontal - Winch - Roving